5 Steps for China and India to Become Better Allies

March 19, 2013 - 2 minutes read

image from redpepper.co.ug

As the two largest developing nations in the world and a combined population of more than two and a half billion people, China and India have a lot in common. While the two maintain a traditional relationship, China’s new leader, President Xi Jinping wants to continue in the stride of the previous administration and take their friendship to a whole other level.

Aiming to continue and improve bilateral ties, Mr. Xi issued a five point plan today for China to secure a strong relationship with India. The points include:

  1. Remaining focused on bilateral relations and maintaining strategic communication
  2. Incorporating each other’s comparative strengths and expanding win-win collaboration in different areas such as infrastructure, mutual investment, and other areas
  3. Improving cultural ties between the two nations and constantly fostering mutual understanding and friendship between peoples
  4. Working together to expand coordination and collaborative efforts in multilateral affairs to protect legitimate rights and interests of their developing nations and others in order to tackle global challenges
  5. Accommodating the core concerns of each country to appropriately respond to problems and difficulties that exist between the two countries

While these areas focusing on boosting economic relationships and increasing cooperation and collaboration on a number of issues, the points stray away from more complex preexisting issues regarding the border and other resources the two countries share.

However such efforts seek to support the efforts of different programs such as our upcoming Bridging Nations Foundation delegation to China. This delegation out of the India-China Center of the Bridging Nations Foundation provides an opportunity for participants to interact with consulates, educators, policy makers, and business councils of what will be the three largest economies in the coming years. Like President Xi, the India-China center hopes to foster discussion to improve economic prosperity, not only for these nations, but for others in order to face global issues.