With almost 5.9 million job openings in the United States right now, you would think college graduates and unemployed pexels-photoworkers would be rejoicing right now. With that many opportunities for employment, it should be easy for anyone to get a job in the current economy.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Despite the high number of job openings, employers are worried the positions won’t get filled due to the under-qualified nature of many of the applicants. The low number of hires compared to the increase in openings shows that the United States is going through a skill gap in the labor market, where “employers are being more selective” and only hiring those with the proper skills (Business Insider). Despite many people getting 4 year degrees from universities, they are still not coming into the job market with the proper tools and talents.

The Bridging Nations Foundation hopes to change this trend through the employment of their Education 2 Employment Bridges. Owing to the fact that traditional 4 year universities do not place enough focus on workplace preparedness, there needs to be an increase in institutions that provide specific education and job skills for the skill gap to close. The Bridging Nations Foundation is working to provide this type of skills training, in fields such as cybersecurity and energy and sustainability, to help bridge the divide between employers and possible employees. They have already established two colleges, The College of pexels-photo-30342Energy, Environment, and Sustainability and the E-Lock Cyber College, to put their model of employment centric education into play.

Additionally, a key component of this education is the connecting of students within these organizations to employers in their field. By working hand in hand with the companies that are searching for new hires with these specific skills, the road to success can be much shorter as the path from education leads directly to a job afterwards. This sort of training and personalized assistance for students would work to decrease the skill gap in the United States as well as prepare students to excel in the workforce.e2ebridges

bnff1 Written by: Arianna Bartlett, Research Intern at Bridging Nations Foundation

For more information, please visit our website: www.bridgingnations.org/eu-and-e2e-bridges