Aniruddha Shrotri

CTO and Co-founder of Timeless Learning Technology

. Working on CareerUnbound’s instaTalent — SaaS platform for Talent Discovery

. Worked in e-Learning, online education, education ecosystem solutions domain

. Helped define, create and launch a campus recruitment portal called CareerFolio

. Worked extensively in PKI, Digital Signatures, Electronic Signatures domain

. Chaired national level committee on legalizing XML Signatures in India

· Was a key contributor in winning the multi-million dollar Desktop IV contract for Frontier

· Was a key contributor in winning a multi-million dollar OEM contract for NFS client for Novell’s LAN Workplace product.

· In the field of Networking was responsible for the engineering, design and development of award winning TCP/IP products, including pioneering the first VxD kernel implementation for the Microsoft Windows environment. The products that were architected and engineered went on to win prestigious industry awards such as LAN Magazine’s Product of the Year Award, PC Magazine’s Editors choice award, SCO World’s Hottest Product, Computer Life’s Five Star award and many more.

· Had filed a patent application for a secure method of doing e-commerce transaction on the net involving three parties – the end consumer, an e-merchant and a payment gateway

. Had filed a patent application for Internet based collaborative content aggregation system

Specialties: e-Learning domain, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology, Networking protocols and applications including both TCP/IP and OSI/ISO, System level work like kernel mode device drivers, security protocols like SMIME and standards like X.509, PKIX, PKCS, Syntax Notations such as ASN.1 and RPC. Design and architecture of software products, implementation, optimizations etc.