Nunda Ambegaonkar

Co-founder of Bridging Nations Foundation


Nunda is noted for her involvement in projects relating to women’s entrepreneurship in the united states and overseas. She is a recipient of “entrepreneur of the Year” (1995) awarded by Ernst & Young and Merrill Lynch, a state, national and international recognition.

Nunda’s commitment to entrepreneurship was underscored when she was elected to represent Wisconsin business at the White House conference. Nunda’s focus on women prompted her to be a founding member of Wisconsin women entrepreneurs. Her love for the Arts combined with her strategic thinking abilities helped Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, a top ten percentile Art School, advance into the 21st century.

Nunda has served on Boards of many profit, and non-profit organizations: Junior Achievement, Betty Brinn Children’s Museum, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs, to name just a few.

Nunda’s strategic planning, analytical research and presentation skills have served her well for presenting papers in national and international conferences.

“Making the Difference”, and “Do It”, are two of her favorite sayings… which she adheres to her in her personal and professional life.