The mission of the Bridging Nations Foundation is to promote dialogue between the United States, India, and China and technological progress of the three countries. We believe that technological innovation and global leadership are the engine of economic growth, and hence the key to a prosperous world. The Foundation, along with its partners, endeavors to make improvements through education and workforce development, which will play a significant role in bridging the divide between the three countries and leading them to a shared prosperity.


Bridging Nations Foundation is a nonprofit policy organization based in Washington, D .C. that promotes sharedprosperity by developing international dialogue through collaboration and learning.
In 2010, the founder, Dr. Ambegaonkar, founded the India-China Center in Pune, India, in order to further his plans for the future regarding Indo-Chinese initiatives, including academic exchange and Mandarin language programs in India. The founding ceremony was attended by a number of luminaries in Indian and Chinese business and politics, including Mr. Zhang Yan, the Chinese ambassador to India, who called the new Center's role “instrumental and invaluable” for “promoting a better understanding between [India and China].” and future expansion.

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Are the Millennials Driving Changes in the Workforce?


Bridging Nations Foundation, through its College of Energy, Environment and Sustainability, organized a seminar on 'A Global overview of the role of nuclear energy in the electricity mix'.
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