Relentlessly Working to Create Education 2 Employment Institute for Global Shared Prosperity

“Student employability is the last mile in higher education.”- Dr. Prakash Ambegaonkar


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Our Mission

The mission of the Bridging Nations Foundation is to promote awareness of E2E Institute and it’s importance in developing shared global prosperity. These employer-integrated educational platforms help bring job opportunities to all global communities.

The Foundation, along with its partners, endeavors to utilize technology and modern teaching methods to develop workers with relevant career skills. This educated global workforce will play a significant role in bridging income inequality, ultimately leading to shared prosperity.

Why e2e?

The goal of E2E Institute is to make wealth creation attainable for all hard working people. Building stronger relationships between higher educational institutions and employers is the key step towards teaching skills for shared prosperity.


Bridging Nations Foundation is a nonprofit policy organization based in Washington, D .C. that promotes shared prosperity by developing international dialogue through collaboration and learning.


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