Guiding Principles

Activism in Bridging Peoples and Nations

The Bridging Nations Foundation actively breeds and cultivates connections with political and economic leaders and entities from India, China, and the United States. Its close relationship with international leadership has placed it in an optimal position to advocate for change and for the growing rapprochement between India and China.

Democratizing Policy-Making

The Bridging Nations Foundation believes that society at all levels should have a say in the direction and in the policies of their government. Policies should be a reflection of popular sentiment, not the decision of a small group of policymakers.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Bridging Nations Foundation believes that simplicity is the soul of innovation. Just as the most elegant mathematical theorems are often the simplest, so too are the simplest inventions often the most elegant. This idea in particular, and a love of innovation in general, should be encouraged in all nations as the driver of progress and prosperity for all.

Global Leadership Pillar

The Bridging Nations Foundation believes that leadership determines the final outcome. It wishes to act as a spur and example for world leadership. Influencing high-level officials are the surest and most direct way to affect national economic and foreign policies, and the Foundation seeks to engage those officials in a way that will encourage their countries to grow with the cooperative and collaborative involvement of the enterprises.


The Bridging Nations Foundation believes that access to education is essential to any economy, developed or underdeveloped. Education is the engine of employment, and employment is the engine of prosperity. For that purpose, the Foundation seeks to expand the availability of education at all levels of society. It will review current academic standards, and explore new methods of learning to make sure that human beings, regardless of their circumstance, can enrich their lives and contribute to the society as a whole.

India-China Relations

The Bridging Nations Foundation believes that strong relations between China and India, two of the most populous and economically dynamic countries in the globe, are essential to the future growth and prosperity of Asia. The two countries have a long record of amicable relations, and should continue to work together to bring stability, and prosperity, to Asia.

US-India Relations

The Bridging Nations Foundation believes that the United States and India are natural allies, and should be brought together in a spirit of respect and friendship. They share principles and rights, which links them in a commonly held creed to the universal rights of mankind. Their respective founders, such as Jawaharlal Nehru and Thomas Jefferson, beg comparison as champions of democracy and liberty. In this spirit, the Foundation pursues strong ties and mutual respect between the United States and India.

Borderless World

The Bridging Nations Foundation believes that globalization has led to the possibility of a “borderless world.” Already, the potential for travel, international commerce, cross-continent telecommunication and academic exchange is greater than any previous point in human history. The Foundation seeks to move even further and bring the world a state where closeness between peoples makes borders irrelevant.

Make A Change

The Bridging Nations Foundation believes wholeheartedly that Mahatma Gandhi’s famous statement, “be the change you want to see,” is a creed to live by. If we wish to see the world closer together and acting in harmony for the progress of all mankind, everyone should take responsibility to begin this change. From an individual level, we need to build ties of friendship, mutual respect, and cooperation between each other.

Be Timeless

“An infinity of passion can be contained in one minute, like a crowd in a small space.” The concept of infinity challenges our minds to go beyond previously defined limits of the notion. Think infinitely and act infinitely – the Bridging Nations Foundation puts democracy, cooperation, and prosperity at its highest values and is eager to contribute all its resources to the common good of the peoples of the world.